ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande App Reviews

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I love them she is so gorgeous 😍🖤

Love it

These are so cute 😍 im obesssed. I hope they add more soon 👌


I’ve been an Arianator since 2010 so I was 10 years old. I love her music, her makeup, her perfumes, her beauty, and this app!!! I recently had trouble with it for a while back when I went to a concert and deleted my apps for more storage (including arimoji). And when I downloaded it again the arimoji keyboard wouldn’t work at all when I would text people but now I figured it out how to fix that in settings. If any of y’all are having the same problem, go to keyboards and push the allow full access button and it’ll work again. I just had that button off the whole time and I didn’t know :P. And yeah I love Ariana so much she’s an angelic goddess and the app is SO much fun!!! ❤️

I love them

they are so cute because i love ariana, more people need this! they are super cool. Just wish you could use them on like youtube, but i understand you can’t do that.

the true tea

she outsold emoji. that's it. that's the tweet. thank you for attending my ted talk

Needs More

Love this App use these emojis , would like these to be bigger and not teeny tiny also add more emojis maybe make this app more like other avatar apps like Biemoji etc

Best app ever

I love it nothing negative to say!!!

My fav 💕💕

I love Ariana so FKNG much and these emojis is blessing, I use them almost everyday😭😍🙈


Of course we love these Ariana emojis and there is an arimoji for literally anything except laughing which is what I mostly use and I want to see more expressions and more often updates to get more arimojis!

an intellectual 😍

i use them with my friends and we love them soooo much, they make us laugh and honestly toulouse in a crown is the cutest thing to ever live on this earth. it was worth it y’all!


This is such a cool app I use it all the time. This app is perfect for any Arianna fan 😊

Doesn’t work

I have the iPhone X and it doesn’t work on my keyboard.

best app ever💧☁️☔️

I love this app bc all of the emojis are my moods and I’m a HUGE ariana fan!! So what’s better than Ariana Grande emojis?!?!✨


honestly overall i absolutely love the app!! definitely worth the $1.99 ! it’s really fun to use when you’re texting your friends and your family and it’s also really fun to use the gifs and arimojis!! i absolutely love ariana and the app and can’t wait for future arimojis to come!!! 💓

I could use these EVERYDAY

I love this app (not just because ariana) but I love the cartoons and how many of them relate to everyday things and also her life as well. I did have a few design ideas I thought would be cool like •H2GKMO •her is the brown (yeezy?) sweater with the brown boots •a light bulb or her holding a light for tlic •her giaw paint •the new merch! •Toulouse with a rainbow over his eye like ntltc •her and Nicki! •her and pete •maybe her ring 🙈💍 •her sitting on stairs like the raindrops snippet •have some fans make a few of them! also I did see a comment in here about the trending ones, I do agree that it shouldn’t be there ? But again I like to see what people are using so yeah! that’s all my suggestions and I hope you take them because I would use ALL of them


overall great 💗☁️🙈

The best

This is the best emoji keyboard app

So Cute!!

I think this game is adorable!! You HAVE to get it if you’ve even HEARD Ariana Grande!!!




got nothin to say, It slays! Ty Ari 💧💧♥️

so freaking cute

omg i love these emojis!! she’s so amazing and so worth the money!!


i love ariana with my world and soul ❤️


ARIMOJI is the best and cutest keyboard.I use it every single day and send it to everyone one💕💕.Thank U Ari and creator team.


These are the best stickers to be ever created😍

These are beautiful stickers but

I have to honest the stickers are beautiful and fun but why use profanity? It is unnecessary! I will use all the others but not those!


I love it is so much!!, the emojis are really cute, and perfect for a type of person like me ;),I would recommend you get this fantastic app

The best!!!!❤️❤️❤️

I love it it like the best ever app ok you should totally get it!! It’s worth it!! So much emojis and so much cool thing it like your on a club so much cute things!!! You NEED TO GET IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🔥💧💧🙌👌👏


Ari moji is just amazing. All the emojis are SUPER cute and nicely made. Tgey also send very easily! LOVE ITTY

She is a queen!

I had to get this to support my queen and I really love it!!!!!!


I love it gimme a pie tho NO MORE TEARS LEFT TO CRY


I love this app so much, offers lots of intriguing stickers and I love Ariana so that just makes me love it automatically. The only problem is you can’t exactly use it in other apps keyboards like Instagram and Snapchat. I wish they made an update were they did. As well can’t wait for new stickers and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP 💓


If your a Ariana grande fan it’s essentially the app you need!!


Perfect 💧

Best app I have!!

I love this app so much!!! All my favorite gifs of this queen in one place!!!! Greatest app ever made!! 💕😍

Absolutely amazing

so perfect




I am an arianator and I love Ariana grande. This app is a must. It is well made and the emojis are sooo cute. Even if u don't like Ariana grande, (ur crazy)you should get this app.


What’s not to love? It’s my favorite pop singer and emojis, both things I love. Plus the emojis are amazing!

cute 💛💛

this app is so cute and worth the money! especially if you’re an ariana fan. all of the emojis make you feel so cute using them




It’s everything I ever hoped for! So well done, I’m in love. 💜 Ooh girl can we get an eyeroll added soon!? 😄 And a crying laughing one please!


Truly iconic, 10/10 recommend

so cute!!!

i love ariana with all my heart so um yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loveeee it

To all who are confused

Some have been complaining that when they add arimoji to their keyboard it just shows up as white. In order to get rid of that you need to go to keyboard and click on arimoji and ALLOW FULL ACCESS. My review: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I JUST STARE AT IT AND IM SO HAPPY 😂


Honestly this app is so cute and is worth the money. I am able to express my moods with the ARIMOJIs and it’s so fun. If you plan on buying it, do it, it’s soooo worth it!

Perfect ☺️😍😘😗

I'm obsessed with these emojis there so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love ari so much I use them all the time in my messages

Love it

Love it


This app is my everything ⭐️!This is the perfect app for every Arianator! It's Just like an emoji keyboard but with Ariana's face! It has a great selection of arimoji's for every mood! Well made and organized! I use it everyday, everyday, everyday😍! A great way to spend $1.99!


Such cute and adorable ARIMOJIs they are so creative and have so many expressions I love them so much !!!!! Ari is a queen and her emojis are just so amazing ✨✨✨

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