ARIMOJI by Ariana Grande App Reviews

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So I'm a huge fan of Ari and as soon as this app came out I had to buy it! I was very pleased with how the app came out and how you can send all your friends your emotions AS ARIANA! All the emojis are cute and even the gifs are really awesome to send to your friends! Hands down the best emoji app for celebs out there

My everyday moods 💕

I’m honestly really obsessed with the emojis. I use them every single day to express my mood for the day, or hour or current mood. I love Ariana so much in all her glory & now that I can not only have all her albums, but have a cute way to express myself & show people that Ariana is basically my mood 24/7 with the emojis & gifs. They really are so cute & so unique, especially when they change for the holidays. These are 100% Arian authentic & I’m so proud of her for making these emojis to share with her fans. They really are what almost every dangerous woman needs in their lives 🤘🏻💕

Cute but...

I have adored Ariana for something like 8 years. I was super excited when Arimoji came out because now I get to annoy all my friends with my love for ariana through stickers. However, my one complaint is that if you use the extension through iMessage (like gamepigeon) it’s very annoying to have to scroll through all of the emoticons to find the one to use. To BKSTG, please make a recently used tab!! It would be sooo helpful. That is honestly the only drawback holding me back from giving this a 5 star rating!!




I love Ariana so much. This app is like the perfect representation of her and if you’re a true fan of hers you’ll see that. #arianator

Love it!

Very cute, even has some Starbucks looking Tea which I love! And a few of the stickers are really cool and move, like gifs. Also, love the new Halloween stickers! Update: this app is really worth it because they keep adding new stickers for the holidays!


Best app ever! Made some cute profile pics with these cute Little Arimojis! And I love how there’s new sets every season/holiday! Makes me feel so festive! >_<




I love them there so cute


I love my ARIMOJIs!! They're so cute and I use them everyday all day. I only wish I didn't have to paste after selecting the one I wanted. Besides that LOVEEEEEEE. I'm a huge Ariana fan

1,000,000,000 out of 1,000,000,000

Oh my Grande where should I start! Ariana Grande is my life and soul and of course I bought this app. It’s really fun to use, combining GIFS and stickers of her and her quirky expressions. I love how they are all fandom references to her music and personality’s If you like Ariana Grande, this one is for you, and if you are a fellow Arianator, don’t think twice on buying it. ARIANA RUN POP AND STICKERS! -RandomRosa

Love Ariana

This app is so amazing and it has every feeling that you can possibly imagine! You should get it and trust me you won’t regret it


If you are an ariantor or you just love stickers this app is for you! This app has everything you love about Ariana and so much more! Even some her friends are even on the app and it couldn't even be more relatable then it already is! I love this app so much and you will too


she did that; i love this song, wig flew; legend snapped

Lost the Halloween edition stickers

I love this sticker pack so much but I was really sad to find out I lost all of the Halloween edition stickers, I understand the seasons over but they were my favorite emojis of the pack and I found it sad to lose them. Overall very good app though.


love it

lovin' it (hehe, this reference is cute)

i've loved ariana since forever and this app is my fav. i use it often, BUTTTT I WOULD RLLY LOVE IT MORE IF THERE WAS A RECENTLY USED SECTION. it gets tiring having to scroll all the way to find ur favorite arimoji's but besides that i'm in luvvvv w/ this !!!

❤️Love It!❤️

~ personally I’m a very very very big fan of Ariana Grande, and arimoji is the cherry on top for mega fans like me!!! 🍒💋 ~


It’s everything I ever hoped for! So well done, I’m in love. 💜 Ooh girl can we get an eyeroll added soon!? 😄 And a crying laughing one!

Luv ya ari

Hit them high notes 💖💖💖💖

we love a good arimoji

these arimojis are special for all accessions! you got gifs you got moods you got holidays you got them all! get your arimojis now on appstores it’s so inexpensive for such a good deal!

Amazing but fix it

I love all the emojis and stuff it's super cute and I love that it's ari buuuut you guys need to fix that the emojis and gifs are SO SMALL like you can't even see them. Also it's a little hard to search and navigate

Great app

Great app , I like this app

I think...

This app is AMAZING everything is perfect, I think you need to add some GIF but I love it! xx

Lovin it

These ARIMOJI’S are totally worth it

I love the ARIMOJI

I love so much the ARIMOJI💖

great app but

i love this app! the stickers are so cute and it's updated often! but PLEASE update the imessage sticker use so that there are different categories like on the keyboard version pictured here. it's very unorganized and hard to use. i know it can be done because i use other sticker apps that have tabs for different kinds of stickers. this change would result in 5 stars from me for sure, but right now it's a pain to scroll through the popular ones to get to the arimojis



I love this app and you so much

I never write reviews but this app is STUNNING. I love the frequent updates and she never fails to make us happy. I love you ari. You are a goddess


omg, as an Ariana grande fan as soon as I saw these on her Instagram I haddd to go get them so, I did and they had more features than just emojis!!! And they update it during holidays. They also include gifs!!!!


i love this amazing I love our updates I love it and I love ari


Everything Ariana does is amazing, so I knew this app would be. I stayed up till 2am just to buy it and I don’t regret anything about it. It’s always fun using emojis of your favorite person

I love Ariana

I love her and these emojis ! Love how she actually uses real life situations she's been in and keeps them updated

this is everything

Ummmmm..... this is everything. She’s a queen. The emojis are everything. All i have to say is YAAAASSSS QUEEEN. ♡

Love Ariana

I love Ariana and I’m happy she blessed us with ARIMOJI. AriMoji is a great app it has so many different AriMoji

Ariana Grande you did it again your killing it also I love you

You can express any emotion with this app she understands everything that could possibly happen you want to know why because she is human so this is an amazing app love you Ari

Cute app

Cutest little emojis!awesome app😌💜

love it

I hate to download keyboards, But the fact that is Ariana, is just awesome! I really liked the keyboard!


The app is always updated for each and every holiday(so far) and it’s fun to use them because you can brag about it, i enjoy and i think you’ll enjoy it as well!


i’ve been a fan of ariana’s since 2010, i met her back in september 2015, and seen her in concert 3 times. she’s honestly my biggest inspiration ever and i love with all my heart. i’m so glad that these were created bc now i can annoy my friends even more with my love for her lol love them!!💗💗💗

Ariana Grande

I love it your my queeeeen life I bought all your albums all your stuff and I’m your biggest fan they say that to you a lot but I would die for you give you my heart soul if I meet you I will cry and faint or maybe dead cause your my mother and I’m your bubba’s and I’m glad to call you my mother because I’m an ariana for 4 life and I would do anything for you love you so so so much 🌙🌈❤️


these are all so cute! awh😩💜

Sooo cute !!

I’m a huge Ariana fan and I love her soo much and this app is sooo cute I love all the emojis and gifs on it it’s lit !! I would recommend the only thing I wish it could do would be to be able to use it on Snapchat but it’s incredible

Simply in love!

The app is great actually no its perfect and its so cute the emojis are so adorable and useful it basically describes me and my mood everyday, buy it & you will not regret it!

Blesses my texts

Ari comes to your chat and blesses you with her sexy 8bit form and makes your friend's text visually hotter. I dont just text or sext, I arimoji.

We were all rooting for you!

It never wants to load! And that makes me sad! And when it does load it takes forever! We were all rooting for you girl! Why did you let me down! The emojis are everything tho!

Best Emojis Ever!!

I had to get these to support Ari and honestly these are the cutest emojis ever!


The only problem I have with this app is that the keyboard isn’t working properly for me when I use it and then the emojis aren’t loading, please fix but other than that it’s still AMAZING


l love it


i love everything about this app! but when i try to select it on my keyboard it gets a little slow, other than that, perfect!

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